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Texas Lilac Bulldog's Health Guarantee / Puppy Contract
                         Texas Lilac Bulldogs

                    HEALTH GUARANTEE / CONTRACT

AKC REG # ______________________COLOR____________________

DATE OF BIRTH _____________________SEX   _____________________

SIRE _______________________________________________________


All bulldogs bred and sold by Texas Lilac Bulldogs have been examined by a
veterinarian prior to sale and are
guaranteed to be sound and in good health at this time. They will come
having their first set of shots and deworming. However a
complete scheduled series of  (4) inoculations are recommended, (4
separate injections in a series of 4),  and it will be necessary for
the purchaser to complete the scheduled series of inoculations on time and by a licensed veterinarian in order to protect the puppy and for
this health guarantee to
remain valid. Most veterinarians agree at 6, 9, 12 and 15  weeks. It's ok if
your vet prefers 4 weeks in between shots.

Texas Lilac Bulldogs certifies that at the time of sale and to the best
of our knowledge, the puppy is free of any illnesses or life threatening congenital
birth defects.   The congenital hereditary health guarantee does not cover:
demodectic mange, cherry eye, entropies, ectropion, “loose hips”, or
skin allergies, Giardia, Coccidian, internal parasites, bacterial or
viral infections, elongated soft palette, and nasal snares.

The Buyer is advised to have this puppy examined by a licensed
veterinarian of the buyers’ choice within 2 working days to assure
them that they have purchased a healthy puppy. This will be done at
the purchaser’s expense. Under no circumstances will Texas Lilac Bulldogs
be responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by the purchaser
for this puppy. Minor, breed related, treatable or correctable
conditions, or any condition that may go away or is considered a
condition which a puppy will likely outgrow, are not covered.  failure
to have puppy examined by said time will void this contract.

Texas Lilac Bulldogs will, on conformation of a life threatening
condition, found within 48 hours (2 working days of purchase),
give buyer a replacement puppy of equal value from current or upcoming

Furthermore, extending the guarantee to 12 months, certain health
issues as follows :  limited to Leukemia, Heart Malformation, Heart
Murmur and Pulmonary Stenosis. If one of these arise within the first
12 MONTHS of purchase, and a licensed veterinarian believes could be
life threatening genetic related, then buyer to notify seller within
48 hours with:

1.      A written explanation from a licensed veterinarian and backed
up with lab work or x-rays showing the nature of the problem. In a dase of death,
a necropsy report will be necessary to determine cause of death.

2.      Then the seller will obtain a second opinion from a
Veterinarian whom Texas Lilac Bulldogs will choose.

Then the buyer must:

3.      Return the puppy and AKC papers to seller within 72 hours at buyer’s expense.
If you are unwilling to release the puppy and AKC papers into my
possession, NO REPLACEMENT PUPPY will be offered, nor will I be a part
of the recovery process.

4.      Proof that the puppy was examined by a certified veterinarian
no later than 2 working days receiving the puppy, and received further
veterinarian care and the complete series of shots as preventative
care (4 in series) also must accompany puppy when returned.

If the Veterinarian’s prognosis is that of the puppy has a life
threatening genetic disease as above and all of the criteria are met,
we will replace a puppy of equal value or apply the amount of your
purchase price to a pup now or soon available. Different quality of
pups determine price of pups, it is possible pups available
immediately will be higher priced.

If at any time you transfer ownership of the puppy or breed this dog, this agreement is
void immediately.

Texas Lilac Bulldogs is not responsible for the health of this puppy
after the 48 hours period, except for the above 12 month coverage extension
of the certain conditions mentioned.

Texas Lilac Bulldogs cannot guarantee that any Male puppy sold will have
two testicles. Sometimes it is weeks, or few months before both will
come in or not at all.

 Texas Lilac Bulldogs will grant all its dogs with AKC full registraton
unless otherwise specified.  All my puppies will go to pet homes
and must never end up in a kennel or puppy mill.

If a dog is unable to breed for any reason Texas Lilac Bulldogs is not
responsible and cannot guarantee the fertility of a male or female

in the event that buyer needs to rehome the puppy/dog, the seller must
be notified and gets first right of refusal. It is undersood that
this puppy can NEVER be turned in at a shelter.

Date sold ________   PRICE PAID ____________ DATE Delivered____________________

SELLER ________________________________ Tom Kilman of  Texas Lilac Bulldogs

Buyer’s Name_____________________

Signature _________________________________

Phone #__________________________________





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